Natural Gas Utilities
Natural gas is one of the largest sources of energy for businesses in the United States and its popularity continues to grow. During the last decade, the use of natural gas in the United States increased by 35 percent and is expected to continue to grow by another 40 percent by 2015.

Natural gas is currently available to The Port through Centerpoint Energy.

Water Utilities
Water and Sewer are provided to The Port by the City of Shreveport. Recognizing the critical role water plays for businesses, now and in the future as a means to be environmentally conscious, The Port of Caddo-Bossier completed construction on a gray water line in 2011 that allows businesses to utilize gray water for their process where applicable. This expands The Port's water capacity without putting critical demands on the area's potable water supply.

The Port is supported by two substations fed by 138kV Transmission lines. The Port Transmission system is loop fed and current capacity is 175-200MW. Swepco has plans to bring in additional transmission lines within 5 years which will increase Port capacity. Swepco also has the capability to bring in a 345kV line for a very large customer(s) which could increase the capacity available to The Port by more than 200%. Swepco currently has 5,273 MW of capacity and will increase by 600MW with the addition of the Turk plant. The Port is currently served with 5 (expandable) distribution circuits from 4 sources, (2 from sources outside the Port). Plans are currently in motion to add two additional circuits to The Port from Bean substation.

Swepco is part of American Electric Power which has over 5 million customers; 38,000MW of generating capacity and 39,000 miles of Transmission lines including more 765kV lines than all the other companies combined.

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